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The Journey Residency is a two-year, full-time leadership training program designed to give hands-on experience working with one of the staff teams of the church, personal mentoring and leadership training to equip emerging leaders who feel called to vocational church ministry.

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- College Graduates Called Into Ministry -  Housing & Compensation Provided - Free MacBook -

Resident Testimonials

Hear from some of our graduated Residents!

We believe the church is responsible to develop the next generation of church leaders.
We believe ministry is a unique calling requiring a unique perspective, experience and set of skills.
We believe everyone has potential to lead and that everyone has the ability to grow as a leaders.
We believe a program to develop emerging leaders must focus both on the spiritual realities and the leadership skills necessary to lead in the church today.

Residency FAQs

The Residency is designed for adults ages 21-25 who are college graduates or equivalent and are called to ministry.
The Residency program is a 2-year commitment.
The Residency has three onboarding times: January, May, and August.
Each Resident will have the option to live in housing with approved Journey members through the Host Home program. Residents have the opportunity to consider themselves a member of the household, and have the privilege to develop a healthy and positive relationship with their host family!
-Be a college graduate
-Be in alignment with the church philosophy, culture, and staff
-Have some ministry experience
-Have an appropriate maturity and work ethic
-Have clear and compelling leadership potential
-Be able to express a clear calling into full-time ministry
-Express a clear sense of hunter and humility and the pursuit of holiness
-Have personal health and auto insurance
-Two-year leadership development
-Free housing
-Opportunities to attend leadership conferences
-Weekly leadership training
-Monthly salary
-Weekly coaching with some of our top ministry leaders
-Mission trip opportunities
-and more!

6 Developmental Elements

1. Ministry Experience

The purpose of the Residency is to ensure that the Residents have the leadership capacity and know how to effectively and competently lead as a ministry leader.

2. Leadership Coaching

The purpose of the leadership coaching meeting is to ensure that the Resident is growing in leadership competence during the Residency.

3. Personal Development

The purpose of personal development meetings is to ensure that the Resident is growing as a person and Christian during the Residency.

4. Leadership Development Training

The leadership training is unpacked during a weekly training meeting and gives valuable insight into different types of pastoral leadership.

5. Prevailing Church Culture

Residents benefit greatly from being invited into a staff and church culture that is thriving and healthy. Within this context, they pick up nuances and attitudes that separate winning teams from other teams.

6. Evaluations

The evaluation process gives feedback to the resident as well as to the Resident Coach about the Residency and the Resident's readiness for pastoral ministry.

"It will give you the opportunity to see what it looks like to work in such a healthy church environment."

"An opportunity to have ownership where you can try things, fail, have a safety net, and then be COACHED through your failure."

"Sets you up with a huge network of connections."

Areas of Ministry Training

Children's Ministry

Our Journey Kids Ministry is designed for children from birth through 5th grade. It's a place where children get to experience age-appropriate biblical teaching, worship through music, and experience fun activities designed to introduce children to a life-changing journey with Jesus. Journey Kids serves families on Sunday mornings and is led by staff and volunteers who will be there each week to care for each child. We also reach families both inside and outside of the church through a series of strategic events structured to bring families into the church. Our desire is that every child would be known by name, loved, valued, and cared for. As a Journey Kids Resident, you will have the opportunity to build prevailing church culture, form volunteer teams, plan and execute strategic events, and learn to create an environment where kids can thrive in their relationship with Jesus, no matter their age.

Student Ministry

Journey Students is our student ministry for grades 6th -12th. Journey Students Ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus who Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. We want to see students take next steps on their journey with Jesus and become pioneers for the Gospel in every area of their lives. If you have a heart to help middle and high school-aged students learn, embrace, and share the Gospel, this is the experience for you! As a Journey Students Resident, you will have the opportunity to learn practical and powerful ministry - from preparing events to execution of services or developing leaders and everything in between - this residency track will equip you for the long haul in vocational ministry.


Communications plays a pivotal role in promoting meaningful connections within our church, reaching the lost, and making Jesus famous. Ministry roles in communications can bring significant value to a church by contributing to the effective dissemination of the church's message, and creating community engagement. As a Communications Resident, you'll learn how to leverage digital platforms and social media to expand the church's outreach, best practices for content creation (copywriting, graphic design, and video), the strategic planning and marketing of events, as well as develop skills to help internal communication with staff and volunteer teams. You'll get to foster your ministry heart while developing a business mindset to modernizing communication strategies to contribute to the church's overall mission.


Coming Soon

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation track of the Journey Residency is crafted to introduce residents to diverse practical ministry experiences. Spiritual Formation encompasses: 
-Pastoral Care
-Personal Discipleship
-Small Group Ministries
-First Impressions/Connections
Our aim is to empower you as a leader, enabling you to lead with confidence within your local church's Spiritual Formation ministry. 


At the heart of Journey Christian Church, our Production Team stands as a beacon of excellence, illuminating Journeys mission through their expertise in audio, visual, lighting and broadcasting. As a resident, you will walk the path of ministry, side by side with this dedicated team, pursuing an unwavering commitment to excellence, and creating worship experiences free from distraction. However, our mission extends far beyond technical expertise; your role will be to inspire and guide volunteers, empowering them to channel their talents to bring people closer to God. The heartbeat of production ministry is the belief that our work, with passion and precision, serves as a conduit for the advancement of His Kingdom. This is a remarkable journey filled with boundless opportunities to impact lives, and we invite you to join us in this profound mission.


Ben Belangee

Student Ministry Resident

Ashley Welter

Children's Ministry Resident

Cayson Gregory

Executive Leadership Resident


Melissa Suarez

Children's Ministry & Creative Arts
May 2021 - April 2023

Brooke Tiaga

Children's Ministry
September 2020 - December 2022

Katie Karp

Student Ministry
January 2020 - January 2022

Leah Esakson

Student Ministry & Creative
May 2021 - January 2023

Josh Tiaga

Student Ministry
August 2020 - April 2022

Trey Clifton

Student Ministry
May 2021 - May 2023

In Ministry

Some of the ministries that have hired graduated Residents