Host Home Criteria

At Journey Christian Church, we have the unique and exciting opportunity to train up and send out young, high-quality leaders through our Residency program. Our desire is to provide a practical learning experience for the resident that will prepare him or her for successful, long-term ministry in the church.

One aspect of this development is providing a healthy, positive place for a resident to live through our Host Home program.

A host home would:

  • Agree to host a resident for one or two years. Instead of shuffling residents around every 6-12 months like some programs do, we believe long-term stability is better for the resident’s development. It also allows you to build a deeper, long-term relationship with the resident, which aids in their overall development.
  • Be able to provide a private room (or basement, mother-in-law suite, guest house, etc.) with common amenities (bed, bedding, dresser, closet, etc.). This space should be able to be set aside solely for the resident for the duration of their stay with you. Access to a bathroom with a high level of privacy is also required.
  • Provide a clean and safe living environment. We don’t expect a home to be perfectly clean all of the time (of course). However, we would expect the host to keep a house that is clean a majority of the time and secured in a way where the resident feels comfortable and safe (the resident will be given similar expectations of cleanliness and respect).
  • Not expect payment for rent and utilities. Offering to host a resident free of charge helps the resident not be burdened with that substantial cost of living and helps the church financially as well.
  • Provide an adequate internet connection. Because each resident will often times be taking online courses, a sufficient internet connection at home is needed.
  • Engage and connect with the resident relationally. A positive host home experience can play a key role in a resident’s development. Hosts are encouraged to regularly connect with their resident—invite them to join you for a meal, take them out for coffee or ice cream, bring them along to a movie, etc. None of these things are a requirement or obligation. A healthy respect for both the host’s and resident’s boundaries and personal space will always be preserved.
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Please read “Become a Residency Home Document” before applying to become a host home.