Pastor John

Pastor John

What If?

Last Sunday we started a brief three-part series of messages called Shift Your If. It is a series that is biblically rooted in Romans 8, which many theologians, scholars and pastors through the centuries have called the greatest chapter in the New Testament, if not in all the Bible.

Mark Batterson is a gifted writer and pastor in Washington, DC. He wrote a book several years ago simply titled if. This book is the primary source for content in the series we are doing. At the end of each chapter of his book, Batterson writes some insightful “what if” questions that I think would be good to ask ourselves as we read daily—remember the challenge to read Romans 8 every day for three weeks—as we seek to shift our mindset from “if only” regrets to “what if”realities.

Take a moment and reflect on some of these probing and possibility-inducing “what if” questions:

  • What if you’re one decision away from a totally different life?
  • What if you rejected everything about God that wasn’t God and accepted Him for who He is—God for you?
  • What if you tuned out the voice of condemnation and tuned in the voice of conviction?
  • What if you made a vow to get into God’s Word every single day?
  • What if you tried a food fast, media fast, or complaining fast for one, ten, twenty-one or forty days?
  • What if you stopped letting fear dictate your decisions?
  • What if you made the decision to exit the freeway, take the scenic route, and enjoy the journey more often?
  • What if you simplified your life by downsizing your lifestyle?
  • What if you started giving God the firstfruits of your time, talent and treasure?
  • What if you increased your standard of giving instead of your standard of living?
  • What if everything in your past is God’s way of preparing you for something in the future?
  • What if you sowed a seed at someone’s point of need?
  • What if the circumstances you’re asking God to change are the very circumstances God is using to change you?
  • What if you were more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes?
  • What if you approached every person, every situation, every challenge as if Christ were in your corner?
  • What if you fully surrendered your life to Jesus right here, right now?
  • What if you committed to taking a next step in following Jesus today?

We say often at Journey that there is always a next step to take when you’re following Jesus. We would love to help you with that. Click here at journeychristian.com/nextstep and let us know how we can help you.

Loving the what-if Journey,

Pastor John