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1) Dustin is a proud son of Central FL. Orlando is home for both Dustin and TJ.

2) Dustin has a happy and healthy, but not perfect, home-life.

3) Dustin has a wonderful sense of humor.

4) Dustin is a motivational and creative communicator.

5) Dustin has a heart to pastor people.

6) Dustin is a natural encourager.

7) Dustin has a high-functioning leadership gift.

8) Dustin has a firm grasp on the gospel or perhaps better said, the gospel has a firm grasp on Dustin. 

transition timeline

“He must increase; I must decrease.” (John 3:30)

Our mission isn’t changing. Our mission will continue to be making more and deeper disciples of Jesus who love God, love people and serve the world.

Our core beliefs and values won’t change.

Our desire to be a place where everybody’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and through Jesus anything’s possible will not change.

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