Pastor John Hampton

John Hampton
Lead Pastor

Talking To Yourself

Sometimes you have to make some declarations just to be clear where you stand, what you’re about and the contribution you intend to make…even if it’s just to yourself and maybe especially just to yourself.

For example, a couple of years ago I was challenged and inspired to write some “Daily Declarations” that are true about me or that I aspire to be true about me. So on, June 3, 2018, I wrote some things down like…

  • I am created by God in His image, loved by Him in His Son, Jesus, and empowered to live for Him by His Holy Spirit.
  • I am a follower of the resurrected Jesus, which means it’s never over and I am never defeated, even by death.
  • I love my wife and daily honor and keep the vow I made to her on June 4, 1983. I will gladly give my life away and up for her.
  • I have only two people on this planet that call me “Dad.” My children are the fruit of my marriage and the greatest legacy I leave behind.
  • I am a grace-receiver–getting exactly what I needed but did not deserve. Therefore, I am a grace-extender–choosing trust over suspicion and faith over doubt.
  • I am a lover of God’s Word, the Scriptures. I love to tell His Story in relevant and engaging ways that give people hope.
  • I believe in growth—personally, relationally, and corporately. People can change, and things will get better as we are being renewed day by day in the image of Christ.
  • I am a leader of people who look to me, not for perfection, but for direction. Therefore, I will lead with humility, teachability, curiosity and intentionality.
  • I believe the best is yet to come, because Jesus is yet to appear, fully bringing the Kingdom to earth. Until He comes, I am a Kingdom-bringer in partnership with Him.

I keep a copy of this statement on my desk in both my home and church office. Every time I read it, it reminds me this is who I am and what I want to be about.

In a similar way, these recent days of civil unrest brought about by an abuse of power of those who should use their power to serve and protect, have challenged me to be clear about who we are at Journey in these troubling times and what we want to be about.

I urge you to take a moment to watch this brief video:

[Statement on Racial Equality and Injustice video]