Trey Clifton

Student Ministry Resident
Journey Students, Residents

Trey is one of our Middle School Residents! Originally from Ocoee, Florida, Trey first interned for a summer at Journey in 2018. “…ever since then I have been deeply Rooted in the vision of Journey. But, I have come back on staff here in 2021 to be a Resident. Lots of prayer and thought went in to being here, but I know Journey will help prepare me for what is to come.”


When asked what he loves most about Journey, Trey says. “People Development. Journey develops people to be better, not just at their job. Journey equips and coaches people to simply be better than they are.”


Fun fact, Trey is getting married on April 2, 2022!


When asked what he would do if he weren’t at Journey, Trey says, “The only other job I think I would truly enjoy is some kind of marine Biology. I love marine animals and would find it extremely fun to be able to work with them. A random favorite Hobby of mine is Disc Golf!”