Stacy Mackey

Food Services Director & Outside Events

Stacy is our Food Services champion and says “I’m like the cafeteria lady! I feed everyone so my stewardship is cafe, communion, kitchen and events with food.” Originally from Las Vegas, Stacy became a volunteer for Journey cafe and bookstore more than 15 years ago. “I started working for the cafe 8 years ago and my job has expanded from there.”


When asked what she loves about Journey, she says “Themed Events With Food! I think God has a sense of humor. Maybe visiting and eating at all the themed hotels in Vegas played a part. I have a garage full of themed decor items in bins (that have slowly migrated to Journey) that I’ve gotten to use for special events. Serving people with food and creating a great environment for fellowship brings me joy.”


Stacy is married with 2 adult kids, and says the empty nest is close! “If I weren’t working in ministry maybe I could be a photographer. I love seeing the beauty of the planet God created. I’ve become a Zumba addict. I love to dance myself into a sweat 4 times per week. I get sad when I have to miss a class. Best advice was given to me during management training at Wolfgang Pucks. ‘If you can’t change or improve something 100%, then find 100 things to change 1%.’ I’ve never forgotten that.”