Russell Cushman

Lake County Campus Pastor
Lake County, Pastors

Originally from Columbia, SC, Russell is our Lake County Campus Pastor! “I get to take what makes Journey great and spread it to other communities! Seeing such a church with a healthy culture trying to plant campuses excited me, so I pursued a job in mid to late August 2021. I was lucky enough to come on staff towards the middle of November 2021.”


“Journey is the kind of place that greatly formed who I am, a church that proclaims the restorative power of the Gospel, and that Grace makes incredible transformations possible over time. My favorite part of being a part of that is knowing that I can be a part of that mission at a large scale, helping communities we might not reach now- be served by a life-giving church that can transform their neighborhood, city, and world.”


“I’m married to Kelly, and while we are passionate about having children- we currently don’t have any. We insist on occasion that my dog Link, and our cat Loki, somehow count. If I wasn’t in ministry, I would probably be working in a corporate environment or mental health, in fact I’ve long since wanted to pursue a degree in Clinical Counseling and a Doctorate in Psychology, but ministry had other plans. I play bass just enough to get by on a worship team, but I love it. Love talking gear. I love going to concerts, favorites so far? Dave Matthews Band and Foo Fighters.”