Kaleb Pickle

Journey Kids Assistant Coordinator
Journey Kids

Kaleb is our Journey Kids Assistant Coordinator. “I’m involved with volunteer care and volunteer appreciation. I let people know we care for them, and we equally appreciate them. I will be working alongside volunteers and training new volunteers to create an environment that is the most fun and effective.”


Kaleb is local to the Apopka area! “Apopka, FL born and raised baby!”


“I started working with Journey Kids on September 28th, 2021. I had been serving with Journey Kids and Journey Students since early 2018 and God called me to serve Him through ministry as He was moving in the three years I served as a volunteer for these ministries. Serving as the Journey Kids Assistant Coordinator has provided many blessings for me already. I love working alongside the staff and high-caliber volunteers that share my love for Journey and God’s church. Journey has displayed and modeled what it looks like to invest in the next generation and how to participate in what God is already doing in my generation.”



“If I wasn’t working within the ministry realm I would be pursuing a degree to teach college-age students about Biblical Studies and Theology. My favorite memory serving at Journey would have to be the time I was helping set up a student event and stepped on a cactus then bad weather rolled in because it’s Florida and the event didn’t happen outside, so I stepped on a cactus for no reason. My hobbies are going to Disney 3 times a month, reading a weird amount of books, and having fun hanging out with the church family! My favorite food is a cajun dish called Jambalaya. My father’s side of my family grew up in Louisiana where the dish is very popular. The dish contains rice, a stock, meats, and vegetables, can’t get better than that! The best advice I’ve ever received is to believe in miracles.”