Josh Tiaga

Student Ministry Director
Journey Students

Josh is our Student Ministry Director! From northern Virginia, Josh started working for Journey in August of 2020. “I was introduced to Journey when I was at Liberty University, Dustin Aagaard spoke in one of my classes and shared about the Residency program. I was immediately intrigued and applied for the position. Faithfully, the Lord brought me down here to learn pastoral ministry.”


“I love the students I have been able to hang out with thus far. Whether it is beating them in Super Smash bros, or losing in basketball, or fishing, I love being able to build relationships with them. Also, I absolutely love the team I am a part of. This staff has such a large heart for God and their people. They take care of both their congregation and staff well. It has been a blessing to serve with this team.”


Josh comes from a large blended family! “It’s amazing! My oldest brother is half African American, two of my other siblings are part Hawaiian, and the others are mixed of Mexican, Filipino, and German. We are a melting pot, I like to think of us looking like heaven, one from every nation. :)”