Josh Svenson

Production Coordinator
Creative, Journey Students

Josh (or ‘Sven’) is our Production Coordinator. “I make sure the lights are blinking, the sound is bumping, and the videos are looking fresh.” Originally from Apopka, Sven started at Journey in February of 2019, and previously was the Video Director of Church at the Cross in Ocoee.


“I love that I am allowed to be creative and try different things within my work. Wether it be designing a new graphic animation, a new lyric video, or a fun video in general, I enjoy it because I get supported by my fellow staff to continue pushing forward. I love that Journey is a place for anyone, from any age or walk of life. I have always loved how much Journey’s people care for each other as well as the staff.”


“On top of all the Production work, I am also a drummer. Most may have seen me either at a worship night or our online services. I don’t usually get to play weekends, so I kind of see myself as the ‘special drummer’ and only come out a few times a year lol. My favorite memories have started out as a stressful week of prepping for either a huge student event or a kids event, and the moment comes for the actually event, and the view of seeing students and kids lifting their hands in worship will always remind me of what I do has so much more meaning than just programming a light or editing a video. The best advice I have ever been given was somewhere along the lines of – Life is too short to spend it worry about the future. Live in the here and now, and go for things. Don’t wait for something to happen, sometimes you gotta move to step into the next thing God has in store for you.”