John Hampton

Lead Pastor

Pastor John, aka the “Lead Follower of Jesus,” is from what he likes to call “the promise-land of Kentucky, of course.” He started working at Journey in March of 2010. Prior to coming to Journey, he led ministries in Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi. 2020 marked Pastor John’s 40th year in ministry, and 10 years at Journey! The thing he loves most about Journey is being able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He says, “I am first and foremost a preacher, and I love sharing the treasures of God’s word that point to the ultimate treasure of Christ.”


Pastor John is married to “the beautiful Melinda. We have two daughters, Anna and Rachel. They are both married to two swell fellows named Nii Ashie and Caleb Donaldson. Nii and Anna are the parents of our three amazing grandsons, Hampton, Davies, and Bryant.”


He also says, “If I wasn’t working in ministry I would probably do something sports related, like coaching or broadcasting. That or being a greeter at Walmart. My favorite memory from my time at Journey so far would be our first impromptu baptism day when I climbed over the baptistery wall and leaped in the pool with my clothes on, only to have a young man climb over the wall and jump in right after me! I have no hidden talents unless you count being good at corn-hole. I like to play golf and I still play basketball when I can. My favorite food would be Italian food. My favorite music would be classic country or 1960’s rock. The best advice I’ve been given is people would rather follow a leader who is always real than one who is always right.”