Esther Velez

Next Gen Worship Director
Creative, Journey Students

Esther is our Next Gen Worship Director! “I sing, I encourage, I create! In other words, I get to lead worship for Next Gen Ministries, help build teams of worshippers, and create opportunities for Journey students to encounter the presence of God through worship.”


Originally from Puerto Rico, Esther just recently moved to Florida on October 8th of 2021. “I’ve only been a Floridian for a short while. I previously worked as worship resident in 12Stone church in Georgia. Once I graduated, knew it was time to step out and pursue my next step in ministry. God is good in allowing me to be a part of this church and the community of Apopka.”


When asked what she loves about Journey, Esther says, “It’s hard to pick just one favorite part about what I get to do. However, few things are better than being able to disciple students and watch them grow into the fullness of who they are in Christ- specially when it involves their unfolding gifts in music, worship, or creativity.”


“I am not married and have no children…. but don’t worry! A fur baby is bound to be on its way very soon. I have always dreamt of adopting a dog from a local shelter as soon as I had a place of my own, so I won’t be solo for too long. A fun fact about me is that I like to randomly cross my eyes at any given time. It always leaves people confused or chuckling. I’ll take either!”