Doug Gorrell

Facilities Director

Doug is our Facilities Director! He’s a big part of keeping Journey beautiful, and maintains logistics such as, “make maintenance and support task lists to share with our many iSERVE volunteers and utilizing contractors when needed.”


Originally from Auburn, Indiana, Doug joined the Journey staff in November 2021. “I have served as a volunteer with facilities maintenance team, iSERVE, and as an elder. When I announced to the elders and Lead Pastor I was going to retire from my former employer, largely due to the timing, it became obvious God opened my schedule and called me to this new role.”


When asked what he loves about Journey, Doug says, “Prayer. Godly fellowship. Thanking and encouraging our volunteers.”


“My wife, Eileen, serves as a keys player with the creative arts team. We celebrated our 35th anniversary in the summer of 2021. We raised two daughters who both live locally. My favorite times at Journey is when I see or hear people are taking next steps in seeking, surrendering, and serving Jesus. When not serving with Journey, I love long walks, touring bicycling, disc golf, nature photography, and traveling. My favorite meal is prok loin, asparagus, baked sweet potato, rolls, and a dessert. The best work advice I ever received was from the plumber I worked with the summer I graduated high school. He said, ‘Half the job is gathering your tools.’ There are so many meanings in that phase including: pace, plan, process, prepare, and preform. The most common meaning that applied to me was pace, since I needed to slow down.”