Journey Kids

For Children Six Weeks through Fifth Grade

SUMMER JAM • Jul 18–21

Summer Jam is a high energy 4-day kids camp filled with fun games, worship and age appropriate teaching. It is designed for kids that have completed kindergarten through 5th grade in the 2021-22 school year. We will help kids discover that what they do today, can change the world around them! We are so excited to offer Summer Jam in person this year! Click here to learn more. 

We believe that church should never be boring. Welcome to Journey Kids, a place where your child will engage through games, watch cool videos, dance to music, hang out with friends and learn about Jesus in a way they can understand. They can be loud, and they will definitely have a blast while learning about the God who made them. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email

Safe & Secure Environment

Your child’s safety is ensured through a secure check-in system and dependable volunteers.

Age-Appropriate Classes

From early childhood to 5th Grade, your child will experience God’s love in a relatable and relevant way.

Life-Long Relationships

Friendships centered around a relationship with Jesus are created every year and leave a lasting impression on the lives of your children.


Vicki Johnson

Next Gen Curriculum Coordinator

Journey Kids

Tammy Joseph

Director of Family Ministries

Journey Kids

Melissa Papirio

Children's Ministry Resident

Journey Kids, Residents

Kaleb Pickle

Journey Kids Assistant Coordinator

Journey Kids

Brooke Renfroe

Family Ministry Resident

Journey Kids, Journey Students, Residents

Sarah Stephens

Family Ministry Administrative Assistant

Administration, Journey Kids

Samantha Upham

Lake County Early Childhood Coordinator

Journey Kids, Lake County