Pastor John

Pastor John


The above letters stand for In Case You Missed It. And in case you missed it, let me share the big news with you again:

We have cancelled the outdoor worship night planned for this Sunday evening at our Apopka campus due to the likelihood of stormy/rainy weather. Our Student Ministry planned a similar event for last Friday evening and had to cancel it last minute because of stormy weather. The probability of some kind of late afternoon thunderstorm is high this time of year. So, rather than invest a lot of time and energy and some financial cost into something that has a better than 50% chance of not happening, we are regretfully cancelling that event.

-However, we are RESUMING ONSITE WORSHIP GATHERINGS ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13. After weeks of waiting and watching and praying, we are ready to return to in-person worship services along with our online campus ministry. The Phygital Experience is back! This announcement understandably raises a lot of questions and we promise to get you some answers very soon. But for today, a date has been set to re-gather in our buildings for those who are ready, willing and able to experience an in-person worship assembly.

A Gathering for Prayer and Worship preparing us to return to onsite ministry will be held at our Apopka Campus worship center on Sunday, August 30, at 5PM. This prayer-focused event will help us reset our hearts for a new normal ministry era at Journey. We have been intentional about not rushing to resume onsite worship gatherings, especially after being one of the first churches in the area to restart back in late May only to have to pause again by mid-June. We wanted to show restraint and patience instead of reacting in pressure to do something that we weren’t confident we could sustain. And even as we resume this time, there are many assumptions that we are making that allows us to do so. There is an old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” I would add to that statement: “And if you want to make God belly-laugh, tell him your plans in the middle of a pandemic!”

Anything any of us are planning on doing these days should not be held lightly. But at some point, after you get the best information you can and are aware of the risks of both gathering and not gathering, you pray, and you proceed. The Prayer and Worship gathering is a necessary pause to pray before we proceed.

-New Elder Candidates will be ordained this Tuesday evening, August 25, at 7PM. This will be a more personalized event that is just for the candidates and those they have invited. We will show a video version of the ordination in our weekend worship services on the weekend of August 29-30. If you have not met the four new Elder candidates yet, please click here to read their bios. Welcoming new Elders on our Elder team is always special and important. But for these four men stepping into a significant shepherding role in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, carries with it an added weight that is hard to describe. I know they would greatly appreciate your prayers. And I know that I am excited to see how God will use these men to help shape Journey’s future as a growing community of people on a life-changing journey with Jesus.

Loving the Journey,

Pastor John