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HELP For Ukraine

Today, I want to give this space to a recent email from one of our strategic mission partners who is helping pastors and churches in Ukraine. TCM International Institute is a fully accredited seminary that trains pastors in many Eastern European countries. Their European headquarters is just outside Vienna, Austria. I had the privilege of preaching at their Sunday chapel service in July of 2018. Many of the students in attendance that day were from Ukraine. Several people have asked what can be done to help the churches and pastors of this recently war-ravaged country. I think the best option is to consider making a gift directly to TCM as outlined in this letter from David Wright, the Vice President of Ministry Services for TCM. Please read this and prayerfully consider making a generous gift:

TCM is responding in a variety of different ways that we believe will help many. First, we are asking our entire network of churches and other mission supporters to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. TCM has more than 200 students, graduates, faculty, translators, and ministry partners in Ukraine. Those 200 have planted more than 300 churches that we are aware of throughout the nation and indeed into other countries that surround them. We have heard from several of our TCM network connections there. Cities where we have TCM mentoring centers, such as Kherson, are now occupied by the Russian military. It is tragic.

This morning we have a report from our mentoring center in Moldova informing us that they are caring for more than 100 refugees and that more than 90,000 Ukrainians have entered Moldova since February 24, 2022. The majority of these are children, mothers, women, and older adults. All men under the age of 60 are required to stay in Ukraine and help with protecting their country.

On Tuesday evening, March 1, 2022, Haus Edelweiss (TCM’s headquarters in Austria) welcomed 24 refugees as they were on their way to Germany. On March 2, 2022, we welcomed another 10. We anticipate and are planning on this being a daily occurrence until this war is over.

Therefore, TCM is working with our regional representatives in Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Georgia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Austria to establish Ukrainian aid stations. These refugee stations will welcome refugees and provide food, water, clothing, medicines, beds, etc. In addition, we will share the love of Jesus and His Good News with them. Our people will also work with the refugees to find them more permanent housing. Therefore, there will also be coordination with various country relief programs that are being established to assist with what we have been told could be as many as 5 million people.

Our effort is what we refer to as HELP:

H – Healthcare assistance

E – Evangelism

L – Logistics for the long-term

P – Prayer/Fast mobilization. Please everyone Pray and Fast for this war and the hardships and death it creates to end. And, that God’s Kingdom be glorified through His Church worldwide.

TCM has begun the TCM Ukrainian Aid Fund. When designated as Ukrainian Relief, 100% of these dollars will be provided to these various TCM centers that are being established.

Gifts for the Ukrainian Relief Fund may be made online at www.tcmi.org. Click on the GIVE button and follow the guides.

Gifts may also be mailed to TCM International Institute P.O. Box 24560, Indianapolis, IN 46224-0560.

David J. Wright

Vice President of Ministry Services

TCM International Institute

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