Dustin Aagaard


(Written by Pastor Dustin Aagaard)


Hello Journey friends and family,

Several people have asked us when we will resume on-site services again. To hear about our latest update, please click here.


Several weeks ago, Pastor John shared about a leadership reset taking place at Journey. He went on to share how I have transitioned from serving as the Family Pastor to now serving as the Associate Lead Pastor. I am humbled, honored, and excited for this new role and look forward to seeing what God has in store for Journey.

However, that brings up a great question. If I am no longer the Family Pastor, then who is? Because I have known about this transition for some time, I have spent the past 6-8 months praying and doing a national search, looking for the best Family Pastor in the nation. I spoke with many pastors, interviewed eight, and had two top candidates visit us on the weekend at Journey. After all that, God made it abundantly clear that our next Family Pastor was already right in front of us.

With that being said, let me introduce you to our new Family Pastor, Pastor Christian Wilson! Pastor Christian has been serving as our Apopka Student Pastor. In his role as Student Pastor, Pastor Christian has shown incredible growth, maturity, skillset, and a hunger for God matched with a gift of ministering to families. He is what we’ve been looking for in our next Family Pastor, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Pastor Christian as the new Family Pastor at Journey Christian Church. Pastor Christian will continue to lead as our Student Pastor, and we are setting up pieces around him to flourish both as the Student Pastor and as the Family Pastor.

Christian and his wife Emily have an adorable 18-month-old son named Jude. They are a blessing to Journey. Please join me in welcoming and celebrating Pastor Christian in his new role. You can email him atcwilson@journeychristian.com, or you can find him on Instagram at @cw.ill or on Facebook. Please keep Pastor Christian and his family in your prayers as they step into this new and exciting season.

If you did not know, our Family Ministry team has done an incredible job of creating online opportunities to serve kids and students. You can learn more about our Family Ministry by clicking the following link https://journeychristian.com/nextgen/

Loving the Journey,

Dustin Aagaard