Covid-19 / Onsite Services / Update

Hello Journey friends and family,

Several people have asked us when we will resume onsite services again. That’s a great question and one we continue to monitor in the midst of our current circumstances. Although we don’t know exactly when we’ll resume onsite services, let me share with you what we do know. We know that Florida spikes in Covid-19 cases are extremely concerning. We know that several more of our staff and volunteers and members of Journey have tested positive for Covid-19. We are doing what we can to monitor and serve them in their recovery.

With that being said, we do not feel good or comfortable inviting people indoors for an hour-long service. I wish we could give you a date as to when we will resume onsite services, however, at this time, we simply don’t know.

What we are doing is investing in our Online Campus, and that’s exactly what we believe it is, another campus. Our teams have done a great job of offering everything online that you would typically be able to participate in at one of our physical locations.

When we do resume onsite services again, we want to do so when it can look more like the Journey that we’ve all come to know and love. That means this time when we do resume, we’d like to be able to serve our families by offering Journey Kids and Journey Students ministries. We will watch and learn how public schools plan to reopen and how they plan create safe environments for kids and students.

We may open a little later than you’d thought because when we do resume onsite gatherings again, we don’t want to have to shut down again.


So what do we do in the meantime?

  1. Pray that God would keep Journey staff, volunteers, and the people in our congregation and community safe through all of this. If you yourself need prayer for anything, our prayer team is still actively praying for all prayer requests. You can send a prayer request by emailing us at
  2. If you need help of some form in this season, please email us at
  3. We are also launching Watch Parties in the near future. Watch Parties are an opportunity for you to gather friends, family, and neighbors into your home (as you feel comfortable with) to watch a weekend service together.


We know you have a lot of questions as do we and we will continue to update you as we move forward.

Thank you Journey! Be safe and know that we love you and are praying for you.

And as always, whether we’re onsite, or online, we’re always on mission.