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All men are invited to join us for a study titled “Man Up!”  We are repeating year one, “The Quest for Authentic Manhood.”  It is designed to help men come together and strengthen each other through weekly sessions that combine biblical teaching and small group interaction.  CLICK HERE to sign up!

When men connect in life-changing ways, a powerful ripple effect touches families, workplaces, and the church.

Man Up! meets each Wednesday in the Worship Center from 6:00 to 7:30AM.

CLICK HERE to sign up!  

(For Mount Dora Man Up! sign-up, click here.)

9-17-14 Man Up Video

9-17-14 Man Up Audio

9-10-14 Man Up Video

9-10-14 Man Up Audio

9-3-14 Man Up Video

9-3-14 Man Up Audio

You may view video of some previous Man Up! sessions below.

3-12-14 Man Up Video

3-12-14 Man Up Audio

3-5-14 Man Up Video

3-5-14 Man Up Audio

2-26-14 Man Up Video

2-26-14 Man Up Audio

2-19-14 Man Up Video

2-19-14 Man Up Audio

2-12-14 Man Up Video

2-12-14 Man Up Audio

2-5-14 Man Up Video

2-5-14 Man Up Audio

1-29-14 Man Up Video

1-29-14 Man Up Audio

1-22-14 Man Up Video

1-22-14 Man Up Audio

1-15-14 Man Up Video

1-15-14 Man Up Audio

11-20-13 Man Up Video

11-20-13 Man Up Audio

11-13-13 Man Up Video

11-13-13 Man Up Audio

11-6-13 Man Up Video

11-6-13 Man Up Audio

10-30-13 Man Up Video

10-30-13 Man Up Audio

10-23-13 Man Up Video

10-23-13 Man Up Audio

10-16-13 Man Up Video

10-16-13 Man Up Audio

10-9-13 Man Up Video

10-9-13 Man Up Audio

10-2-13 Man Up Video

10-2-13 Man Up Audio

9-25-13 Man Up Video

9-25-13 Man Up Audio

9-18-13 Man Up Video

9-18-13 Man Up Audio